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  • Neuropsychological Evaluations Across the Lifespan

    Comprehensive and individualized evaluations local to our community

    Neuropsychological evaluation provides patients and their family with an increased understanding of individual strengths and vulnerabilities, as well as clear guidance on how to use that information.  Patients and families are individually guided from referral (“what’s going on?”) to recommendations (“what do I do now?”).

    Neuropsychological evaluation will provide you, your family, and your treatment team with understanding the problem, as well as a plan and guidance moving forward.  Think of this process like your own personal “road map” to your overall care. This process allows for clear identification of where you have been, current symptoms/ functioning, what to do next, and what might be important to consider or expect in the future.

    Our Values

    My Mission

    Our ultimate mission is to increase access to community based services/ care for those in rural Minnesota.  Efficient access to neuropsychological evaluation helps to facilitate quicker access to other service areas.  

    My Process

    The results of neuropsychological evaluation should make sense to medical providers and families.  The evaluation process is comprehensive based on the referral concern and individual needs of the patient.  The final report is meant to be concise and reader friendly, with clear actionable recommendations for medical providers, educational systems, and home. 

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    Services provided during COVID-19

    When there are increased risk of COVID-19 transmission or if other health concerns arise, it may be required that the intake appointment and feedback session are completed via telehealth.  Testing sessions will continue to be provided in person, with appropriate precautions in place.

    We ask that patients reschedule their appointment or, if possible, change their appointment to telehealth in the following circumstances:

    1. if they are experiencing physical symptoms of illness, such as fever, cough, sore throat, congestion, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell, muscle aches, nausea/ vomiting, or diarrhea.  No cancellation fee will be charged and the appointment will be rescheduled to the soonest available date.

    2. if they test positive for COVID-19. Patients should not return to their in person testing appointment until they have completed the required quarantine set by the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

    3. if they have been in contact with someone that has tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 14 days.

    Mask use will be required based on the CDC recommendations at the time of the appointment.

    If the provider is ill or experiences any of the circumstances listed above, the patient will be notified and appropriate precautions/ accommodations will be made on an individualized basis.

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